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There’s a Virtual Office for every business

We offer a range of Virtual Office plans to suit all business needs and budgets. Whether you’re just starting out and want to create a professional image, or if you’re a looking to break into new markets, we can get you set up instantly, in your choice of over 3000 locations.




No need for a physical office but still in need of a prestigious and reliable business address and professional telephone service? Then a virtual office with the choice of an address- and/or telephone service is the solution you’re looking for. With a virtual office (also called: digital office) you can make use of a host of traditional services- like a business post address and the handling of your telephone calls- without having to pay rent for an expensive office. Saving costs but having that professional image towards your clients!


If you decide to make use of a ‘virtual office’ at The Office Operators you will profit from:

  • Immediately benefiting from a professional image
  • A business address where your mail willbe handled
  • A local telephone number that can be answered by us
  • Access to numerous supporting services.

Meeting Room are a most valuable facility and can be booked on an ad-hoc basis. Upon arriving at our premises you will be received and escorted to the room by our staff, who will then greet your guests and show them to the room. Quality beverages such as tea, coffee, and bottled water will also be available and plentiful, ensuring that you and your guests are suitably refreshed for your meeting




If you are on the road most of the time or spending time at your clients office you don’t need a full-time office space. With a virtual office service from The Office Operators you have access to all the office facilities you need to make a professional impression. A local phone number, a prestigious business address, meeting rooms and flex workspace. Want to meet clients? Our experienced service team is there to welcome your guests and make a professional appearance!

An important aspect of our virtual office services are the business addresses, which are commercial business centres situated in high-profile districts. These staffed offices operate full business hours by our trained administration, and are situated very well with regards to transport and service accessibility.

Once an account has been opened, a storage space is allocated for you with all the corresponding files and folders organised accordingly. Your incoming mail can either be held for collection or forwarded to any address worldwide, and at a frequency of your preference (e.g. once a week, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). Additionally, you can also call administration at any time to ask if post has arrived, and/or leave instructions to process certain mail separately.




Virtual Office packages typically include Business Address use, Telephone Answering, Call Patching via Virtual Numbers, Meeting Rooms, Hot Desking, Conference Facilities & access to communal break-out areas.

  • Business Addresses - Use the address and have your post arrive for collection or to be forwarded on.
  • Telephone Answering - Have your phone calls answered in your company name by professionally trained receptionists.
  • Call Patching (Virtual Numbers) - Have a local phone number of your choice allocated to you, with phone calls to this number, forwarded onto a landline or mobile number of your choice.
  • Meeting Rooms - The ability to book in and use Meeting Rooms which cater for 6-12 persons.
  • Conference Facilities - Have the ability to book a conference room for delegates of more than 10 people.
  • Access to Communal Areas - Have access to the building's communal spaces, which typically have seating areas,work spaces and open kitchens. WIFI access will also be granted.




Prices for our Virtual Office services will vary depending on a number of different factors. Specifically, the use of the address for Business Use and Registered Office Use will vary from location to location and are largely influenced by the standard of the building as well as the building's location